Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunkissed Summer Tag!

I was scrolling through my list of blogs that I follow on Bloglovin' and found this tag completed by Kate Wilson. Since it's the end of summer I think it's the perfect time to do a summer tag, because I know what my favourites are! 

1. What is your go-to product for a sun kissed summer glow? (Bronzer, Self-tanner etc)
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer has been my go-to healthy glow this summer! 
2. What book would you recommend for a summer read?
The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, I haven't been able to put it down, I'm on book 6! 
3. What's your signature summer scent this year?
Coconut-Lime or Vanilla 
4. The sun is shinning and it's time to get outside! What's your favourite thing to do?
Read outside in the sun or shade! 
5. You're on the boardwalk and your stomach is grumbling, what's your go-to summer beach food?
Whatever is available! Fruit, Ice cream.. 
6. Sunscreen is always important, but it's a must in summer! What's your favourite (Face, Body or Both)
Both, easier and quicker to apply, lighter to carry around too! 
7. After a day in the summer sun and heat, what do you do to cool off?
Hitting the beach, or a patio for some drinks with friends
8. How do you wear your hair in the summer? (Down, Ponytail, Ombre, Dip Dye etc)
Top Knot, or a braid.
9. Must-have nail polish for summer 2014? 
Essie Watermelon 
10. Sometimes it just feels good to chill-out and watch Netflix. What shows/movies do you recommend?
Once Upon A Time, Romantic Comedies like Friends with Benefits
11. Do you wear liquid foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer in the summer?
BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer, either or. 
12. It's super bright outside! Do you reach for sunglasses or a hat?
Sunglasses, the ones I bought from Forever 21 last year are still working like a charm! 
13. What is your summer jam this year?
Chandelier by Sia 
14. Do you have a summer bucket list? If so, share some things on the list.
Usually just relax, spend time with friends/family. This year included putting my gum on the gum head in Vancouver and going to see the Penguins at the Aquarium 
15. Bikini, Tankini or one piece? Show us your fave bathing suit this year
Tankini, mint green surprise 
16. Summer means heat.. and sweat! What's your favourite sweat proof product this year? (skincare, makeup, anything)
Nivea Happy Time Deodorant.. the most important of the sweat proof products 
17. Summer wouldn't be complete without a scoop (or two) of ice cream! If you could create your own ice cream flavour what would it be?
Mint Chocolate Brownie Batter


Friday, 22 August 2014

Road trip 2014- Day 4

On our last day we woke up in Portland, had breakfast in our hotel and hit the road, we had to pass through Seattle again, and this time after 4 hours in the car we stopped for a bit of a stretch- at an outlet mall.

Before we left, we stopped at Starbucks to get another "You are here collection" mug. I currently have one from Pike Place Market (Seattle, the Original Starbucks), a Canada one, and this beautiful Portland one.

I have wanted a pair of black vans for a while now, and never got around to actually buying them, at the outlet I just had to! 

I got this little Coach wristlet to attach to my keys and keep my id and cards and some change in while I'm in school. 

The biggest purchase I made on this trip is this wallet from Kate Spade, it's a purple wallet with plenty of room in it, I really considered never using it so it would remain "new" forever. 

I'm completely in love with this wallet and still cannot believe I bought it. I also decided that it is the perfect motivation for when I am in school and not wanting to do my work, all I have to think is "matching handbag, matching handbag."

Sorry this week has been dedicated to travel and shopping, I wanted to show everything but not have one gigantic post for shopping and another for my trip. Starting next week I will be back to posting regularly and have some really great ideas planned!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Road trip 2014- Day 3

On our full day in Portland we wanted to hit up specific tourist spots- Voodoo Donuts and Powell City Books. Along the way we stopped for lunch on a food truck block, and found the "Keep Portland Weird" Sign, we ended our day with dinner at a haunted Pizzeria.

We bought some books from Powells and we went to Target!
Adulting How to become a grown up in 468 easy (ish) steps My dad's gift to me 
The Family Romanov- about the last Empiral Family of Russia my love of History 
The Everygirls guid to diet and fitness my new year, new me book 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Road trip 2014- Day 2

On our second day we hit the road again and headed for Cannon Beach Oregon. It was a longer day in the car as we doubled back to Portland to our hotel after exploring the beach. There were also some issues with the GPS and having to use maps to actually figure out if we were going the right way or not.

We drove back to Portland and had chicken wings, we were all so excited that we didn't get before pictures of the wings, and I didn't think you would just want to see the bones.

We did a lot of shopping on days 3 and 4, so I moved some of my purchases to day 2 to balance it a little more. We went to the Lloyd Centre in Portland to check out the Ulta there- I'd never been to an ulta before and HAD to go! 
Benefit Boxed Blush in Rockateur
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Lorac Pro Palette with sample eye primer
Revlon Parfumier Nail Polish in China Flower
We also stopped at the Old Navy to hunt down these Vintage collection tee's that my sister and I love, I picked up one coral one, I love how flowy and comfy they are. I also got a 3/4 length sleeve shirt of similar style, oversized and comfortable in blue. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Road trip 2014- Day 1

We left Vancouver really early in the morning (7 o'clock ish) and headed for the border, which we were really lucky and didn't have to wait longer then 5 minutes. Anyone who lives near the Canada/USA border knows this luck. We drove straight to Seattle to hit up a MASSIVE Forever 21, this definition of massive is based on my small town roots, and we also stopped at Barnes and Nobles essentially the Chapters of America in my opinion. 

Our main objective in Seattle was to go to the Museum of Flight (Dad's choice- we were dragging him shopping for 4 days, and it was really interesting for the Air Force Brat in me!)

And to go to the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Seattle Mariners Baseball Game. Side Note: Canada only has the Blue Jays for a MLB team, so seeing them play on the West Coast was very cool! Sadly, the Jays lost 2-0 and were swept in the series.. 

Forever 21 Shopping- I got 3 tank tops I honestly wear a tank top under every shirt I wear, so stocking up is important- for 1.90 each. I also got a knitted sweater and a earth toned sleveless cardigan. 

Barnes and Noble- I picked up the 5th book in the Mortal Instruments Series which I have been reading, I knew I was going to finish the 4th on this trip and needed the next one! 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Freedman Facial Brightening Mask Golden Grain: Review

Freedman Masks have found their way into my weekly routines for some time, I have used their Cucumber and Dead Sea masks to great success. They sell their masks in small individual use packets as well as in tubes which retail for $3.99 and are available here.

Product Description:
Gel mask with natural golden grains helps raise moisture levels in the skin. Vitamin C helps prevent the formation of dark spots firm and brighten skin.

Apply to freshly washed skin, I used a mask brush I recently purchased, let sit for 5-10 minutes, rinse off with warm water. I kept the mask on for 10 minutes.

My Thoughts:
- Made my skin very soft
- Made my breakouts tingle
- Skin felt more moisturized!

I would rate this product an 8 out of 10, as I did not find it really brightened my skin after first use. I do enjoy it however to continue using it!

What I Packed for Vacation

This is my second of six posts about my trip to Portland with my Family, and it's all about what I brought with me to wear for our vacation/road trip/adventure!

I packed the obvious undergarments, a couple plain tank tops, flip flops and my black toms which are not pictured in the following photos. I packed in my purple canvas Long Champs bag. I really went for comfortable clothing for this trip because we were going to be doing a lot of walking, and I packed mostly shorts because the weather was supposed to be warm. It wasn't absolutely freezing, but it wasn't really hot either. I also set the record for staining 2 tops on the trip- but not the white pants..

Top- Old Navy White Blouse
Shorts- Green shorts from Stitches
Shoes- Flipflops 
Top- White sheer back from Stitches
Shorts- Coral lace bottomed shorts from Stitches
Shoes- Black Toms (comfort over style sometimes)
Top- Back Sheer back from Stitches
Pants- White Capris from Stitches
Shoes- Black Toms 

Kimono- Black Daisy kimono from Stitches
Shirt- Aqua Chiffon top from Stitches
Shorts- Dark Wash Denim shorts from Stitches
Shoes- Black Toms